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About Me

Cinematographer. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 
In truth I came to film by mistake. I felt so passionately about the world around me that I was compelled to make films to create impact. After an incredible year in a fast paced New York newsroom, for NPR and PBS with Democracy Now!, I kicked myself for chipping away at this indy documentary while I should be looking for a "real job". Well, the film "It Cuts Both Ways" went viral in 2010, becoming the most viewed film on British internet the day it launched. Picked up by the Guardian and Independent online it entered the public debate on austerity economics. From this success I was offered a campaign series with Oxfam on the impacts of austerity across the UK.

Since then I have made 45 films, including; officially selected independent shorts, prime-time TV documentaries, current affairs and viral online campaigns. Films that dig under the skin, tough access films and films that influence. I've had the privilege of working with great talents like Bill Nighy, Kate Tempest and Radiohead's Ed O'Brien, felt the extraordinary hospitality of Kurdish rebel fighters at the Syrian border, filmed with war photographer Richard Mosse in Greece covering the refugee crisis for Bloomberg, negotiated access with some of the worlds most notorious mafia for National Geographic's prime-time documentary series Drugs Inc, stayed on the pulse of activism and traveled the world filming. 

Having self-shot and edited most of my work, both solo and with crews, I've really done my learning (and mistakes) in the field and under pressure. It's a tough learning curve but a good one, testing my natural disposition as a problem solver. Thinking on my toes and staying calm when everything goes up in the air, because let's face it, anything can happen! 

Most of all I aim to treat the lives and stories that people share with me respectfully. It is a great privilege to learn from the many people and experiences I have encountered. 

Can shoot on: Sony FS7, Canon C300, EVA 1, Canon DSLRs (5dv)



Bristol Radical Film Festival



London Open City Doc Fest


Berling Short Film Festival


Glastonbury Short Film Festival


London Open City Doc Fest, 2014

"A Polite Revolution", official selection 2014. 

Bristol Radical Film Festival, 2014

"A Polite Revolution", official selection 2014.


Glastonbury Short Film Festival, 2015

"Travelling Foundry", official selection 2015.

Berlin Short Film Festival, 2023

"GUTTED", official selection 2015.

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